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1) What is a Sticky Fingrs Grinder?

Sticky Fingrs have created the first patent-pending tobacco grinder that brings the convenience of grinding to the user's fingertips. No longer will someone have to grind with bare fingers or a congested mechanical grinder. Simply place one of the individual thumb pieces that correctly fits, alongside the two-finger piece on your middle and ring fingers of the same hand. Once in position, rest the unground substance on the bed of the two-finger piece and begin to grind your thumb and fingers together until the consistency of the subject is desirable.  


2) How long will my order take to arrive?

Please visit our Shipping + Handling page in the footer menu of our website for all information in regards to the delivery times of your order.


3) When do I receive my tracking number?

All orders will be followed up with a shipping confirmation email, that includes the personalized tracking number, after the product/s have been shipped from our warehouse.


4) What if I am not satisfied with my product/s?

We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied. All information on this topic can be found on our Returns + Exchanges page in the footer menu of our website.


5) How do I prevent losing a piece?

We package our grinders in patented Liberty Bags Storage Bags to help keep your pieces safe and sheltered at all times. We also recommend placing the two thumb pieces within the finger openings of the Dual-Finger piece so that they remain as a single unit and are tightly secured. 


6) What if I lose a piece?

Individual pieces are sold separately in the Products section of our website. We offer the Dual-Finger piece and Thumb pieces as separate items if a Complete Set is not needed. 


7) Are Sticky Fingrs safe to use with food, herbs, and spices?

Yes, our silicone grinder is FDA approved so it is safe to use with all your herbs and spices. 


8) How do I find out more information on wholesale pricing?

For all wholesale inquiries, please email us at wholesale@stickyfingrs.com


9) Do you offer custom Sticky Fingrs?

Right now we do not offer any custom Sticky Fingr Grinders, but that is certainly an objective of ours to achieve within the coming months. Stay tuned through our newsletter or social media for more updates on this topic.


10) How can I clean my Sticky Fingrs Grinder?

Simply run it under hot water and scrub with a sponge or place in a dishwasher for a deep clean.


11) Can I mix-and-match different color pieces to create a customized complete set?

Unfortunately, the Sticky Fingrs Grinders are sold as single colored complete sets. If you'd like to combine colors then we recommend ordering multiple sets and or purchasing individual pieces in different colors.