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Which do you prefer? ... A grinder or your fingers?

This has become an age old debate that never seems to be answered with clarification.
Now...there is an answer.

What started out as three friends with an idea to make grinding tobacco simpler, soon turned into a design that served a greater purpose than just ease of use.

It wasn’t long before our future Sticky Fingrs team realized that this small innovation solved a pretty big problem for a lot more people than just ourselves. Our original issue was that grinders break down tobacco too finely. We solved this by creating the first finger tip grinder! This allows the user to have control over the coarseness of their grind.

We also unknowingly solved a much larger issue. Traditional chamber grinders operate using a firm twisting motion requiring both hands. This causes a large amount of stress on the wrist joints and also assumes that the user has full use of both hands. As our grinder is comfortable, lightweight, and functions solely using one hand, it adds minimal stress to wrist joints, allowing those users who cannot operate bulky traditional grinders to have the opportunity for something different.

After friends, relatives, and soon to be fans, pushed us to share the Sticky Fingrs Grinder with a larger audience, we decided it was time to put more effort into developing our product to its fullest potential. Months of prototyping, testing, going back to the drawing board…and then testing again, we are proud to finally offer a product that can accomplish so much more than we originally hoped.

But wait…this isn’t the end! The Sticky Fingrs Grinder is only the breakout product in our line of innovative products that we plan on introducing. Our team is dedicated to providing a unique product experience and looks forward to hearing from our customers experiences! Stay tuned for what’s coming next!



Sticky Fingrs and Liberty Storage Bags have engineered the some of the newest innovative products seen on the market today.
Below are some features that highlight the qualities elevating these products over all other competitors.

The ins and outs on how to use the new Sticky Fingrs Grinder. An easing motion that is light on your wrist to break down specified contents. Slide the two finger piece on either your ring & middle finger or your index & middle finger, and then place the preferable thumb piece onto the corresponding hand.

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